Gifts for dog lovers – Studio Pottery by Simon Olley…

The origin of the domestic dog is open to discussion, but certainly it was more than 10,000 years ago that a canine animal (possibly a wolf) befriended man. It is in celebration of that closest of relationships that Simon Olley makes his one-off ceramics (studio pottery) that make stunning gifts for dog lovers in the village of Kemsing at the foot of the North Downs in Kent (Kent is historically known as the Garden of England).

The potter’s wheel

Simon throws his designs on the potter’s wheel using a variety of earthenware, stoneware and porcelain clays. He then decorates the clay, usually at leather hard stage (damp but not soft), with a combination of slips, oxides and glazes. He may scratch into the surface with a range of small tools – a technique called sgraffito.

The work is fired twice in the kiln at temperatures between 1000 and 1300 degrees centigrade. The result is original, impervious works of craftsmanship that could last for thousands of years.

Gifts for dog lovers and nature lovers

Simon Olley’s ceramics make perfect gifts for dog lovers, his walks in the beautiful countryside of Kent, England provides inspiration along with his Black Labrador, Uly who acts as model.

You can browse and purchase Simon’s ceramics in his online Etsy shop at

Simon Olley working on sgraffito jug after throwing on the pottery wheel, making perfect gifts for dog lovers – Studio Pottery by Simon Olley



About Simon Olley

At the age of nine, Simon threw his first pot at Chipstead Craft Studios. After exploring ceramic sculpture he returned to the potters’ wheel, making a variety or work, some now modelled by his Black Labrador, Uly.

Award-winning designs

Simon Olley also works as a graphic designer and illustrator, over the years he’s been involved in many exciting and sometimes award-winning projects which have influenced his pottery.

Olley Pottery gun dog jug by Simon Olley

One-off ceramics with humour and style

Each one of Simon’s one-off ceramics has been individually thrown, decorated, glazed, although similar themes are explored and refined, no two will ever be quite the same.

Olley Pottery on Instagram

You can see images of Simon’s latest work and his Labrador, Uly, by following @olleypottery on Instagram, from making, glazing, firing – watch the small triumph and disasters as they unfold.