Olley and Uly

Dog names should be simple…

But there is sometimes totally understandable confusion over the names of me and my dog. If you are one of the people who has got our names mixed around, do not worry, you are not alone!

To set the record straight, my surname is Olley (though it wasn’t my first surname – I was adopted as a baby).

My Black Labrador’s name is Uly. It wasn’t quite his first name either (he was adopted by me aged 6 months).

Uly’s first name was Ulysees, given to him by his French owner who lived in our village. When I bought him at 6 months as his owner’s circumstances changed I quickly decided that the name Ulysees was too much of a mouthful to be calling out over the fields (especially with French style pronunciation which sounds like “Oo-leece”. So it was shorted to Uly. We pronounce it English style, which means something like “You-lee”. French style would be “Oo-lee” (which is also acceptable).

Uly’s Kennel Club name is Bok Bouncer. I believe Bok (or Bjork) is Swedish for Birch (as in the tree – the breeder has Swedish connections). Bouncer is self-explanatory I think 🙂

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