Olley Pottery on selling original ceramics online with Etsy

Olley Pottery is selling original ceramics online with Etsy - this image shows a dresser with a display of Olley Pottery's original work

Exhibiting work locally

Many craftsmen and women start by exhibiting work locally in exhibitions or shops and galleries, but at some point start to think about the wider world. Selling on the internet represents huge excitement but challenges too. There’s lots of e-commerce platforms out there to help sell online, but in my experience none are quite as user-friendly as Etsy.

Selling original ceramics online with Etsy

For me, selling original ceramics online with Etsy has been brilliant; it enables me to put my work in front of an international audience making sales and sending my work to Europe, Asia, the United States and beyond. In order to do this it helps to be pretty organised; to photograph and display work effectively, to market it and when a sale arrives, to pack the work up really securely (I always double-box my work) and send it quickly to the customer.

You can browse and purchase Simon’s ceramics in his online Etsy shop at OlleyPottery.com

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