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Customer reviews of Simon Olley’s work from around the world…


A superb pot – the combination of vivid colour, intricate pattern and sense of movement make it one of those pieces you know you will treasure forever. The packing was excellent and delivery speedy.

Christine, 19 January, 2024

The vase is even better in real life. I absolutely love it. Thank you.

Polly, England, 28 December, 2023

Hello Simon

I received the (custom) mug. It is fantastic. Thank you very much.
Christophe, England, 13 December, 2023

Hi Simon

It has arrived. Thank you, it is absolutely charming. Another wonderful and unique piece.
Have a fantastic Christmas and New Year and I have no doubt 2024 will see me requesting another commission or two … I am particularly taken by the large slab vessels.
Warmest regards,
J, England, 14 December, 2023

Hi Simon

The vase has arrived!

I am absolutely thrilled with it, it is better than I could ever have imagined. You have captured everything perfectly. Thank you for the enormous amount of work that has gone into it, and for helping me create something so beautiful from my vision. I know my father is going to be delighted with it at Christmas.

He has had such a rough time over the last few years… so I really wanted to spoil him this Christmas with something unique and special. You have certainly provided me with that! What a wonderful piece of art. I cannot thank you enough.

With best wishes,

Louise, England, 6 November, 2023

Hi Simon

I just wanted to thank you very much for the lovely vase you produced, my husband was delighted when he opened the present. We have it proudly displayed in the lounge where we can see it everyday.

Thanks again for doing such a great job and getting it completed in time for the birthday.

Hope all going well preparing for your various shows.

Susan, 1 October, 2023

Hi Simon

Not only was Richard’s 60th birthday bowl a HUGE success – it sits beside him on the chest next to his desk in office so admired every day.

As for the jug for Charlie and Gracie, whilst I was not there to witness, Charlie’s mother told me that there were a lot of tears and they were both overwhelmed, and thrilled, so thank you as ever.

Julia, 25 September, 2023

Hello Simon

Just to let you know the pot has arrived safely! Excellent packing! It is a beautiful work of art and I know Jo will be overwhelmed. I’ll send you some photos once she’s received it on Friday. Many thanks for all your hard work.

Jonathan, 13 September, 2023

Dear Simon

I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the beautiful platter you designed. It is perfect! In including so many personal images, and being balanced and beautiful. The only problem is that I am terrified of using it, but I am nevertheless determined to do so.

Many many thanks for your inspiration and craftsmanship (and work!).

Marion, 1 June, 2023

Absolutely gorgeous work, and well worth every penny! And it was a delight to work with Simon, who executed exactly what I was looking for.

Lyndsie, Canada, 8 April, 2023


Arrived about an hour ago. And opened (by me only!) and wonderful. Thank you so much for all the time and thought and effort that you put into something that has emerged so very successfully. It’s all there. I am thrilled, as I am sure (secret*) will be when she opens it on (secret*). With my best regards and hope your practice as a designer and potter continues to develop as it deserves to.

(secret*), 30 March, 2023

Hi Simon

Hi Simon Just to let you know our friend was thrilled with her (custom) jug – loves it!

Jo, Cambridge, 17 March, 2023

Hi Simon

The vase is fantastic! Beyond expectations! Thank you so much.

If you want to put anything on social now that’s fine by us.

Happy Christmas!

Philip, Oxford, 25 December, 2022


Beautifully done pitcher that is functional and very pretty. It’s not easy to get this precision and elegance … I appreciate the quality work!

Timi, California, 22 December, 2022


We love our item and it was extremely well packed.

Ingibjorg, Iceland, 9 December, 2022

Were you the delivery guy this morning? If so, sorry not to have seen you to say thank you. I really love the tea light holder! The dog looks exactly like our son’s, who you would have heard barking! Thank you, and have a happy Christmas!

Jane, England, 21 December, 2022

Hi Simon,
…the package arrived a few minutes ago, beautifully and safely wrapped.  The jug is absolutely beautiful!  We love it so much! 
You’ve done such a masterful job of capturing our three beloved dogs.  I love the pattern and texture, plus all the creative little details.  We will treasure it always! 
It was an extra treat to receive this in time for Christmas.  I am so impressed by how quickly the commission came together.  It was such a pleasure to work with you.
Hope you have a lovely Christmas holiday and that 2023 is another great year for you!

Rebecca, Canada, 22 December, 2022

I have them and they are BEAUTIFUL. I am so happy and grateful. Thank you. I am thrilled.

Charlie, Scottish Highlanbds, 4 December, 2022

Hi Simon, just to say the vase has arrived safe and sound. It looks fantastic, I know Rebecca will love it! I will be giving it to her for her birthday on 19th December, so it will go into hiding for a few weeks!
Thanks for all your hard work, it will be much admired and appreciated.  

Ashley, Scotland, 01 December, 2022

Received the teapot. It’s absolutely amazing! So beautiful and functional. Ah my folks are going to love it….if I can let go of it x

Joanne, Oxford, 17 November, 2022

Simon thanks so much for the little jugs you made for me and my sister (she put them back for our birthday so I’ve only seen them this week). Absolutely fantastic, we love them! Thanks for remembering about the blackberries and the gorse! Love this new style with the dog shaped around the jug. You’re brilliant at what you do, honestly! Best wishes

Helen, Cornwall, 14 November, 2022

Hi Simon. Just to let you know the the parcel arrived today safe and sound.
Extremely happy with my purchases, especially the three black dogs vase!
Thank you for packaging them so well. Cheers.

Neil, 4 November, 2022

Dear Simon. It was my husband’s birthday yesterday and he is absolutely delighted with his water jug/pitcher. When he opened it he saw the side with Conker on it but hadn’t then realised he would find Bertie, Mabel and Mowgli too, as well as lambs, hunting scene, fox, pheasants etc.  He ended up with a huge grin which was was wonderful to see.  He’s not the greatest appreciator of art always so whilst I was confident he would like his present I was delighted that he was delighted with it!  What a talent you have – thank you so much for what will be a very treasured gift.

Lucy, 17 October, 2022


Simon has provided numerous incredible pieces for me over time. I am once again in awe of his creative talents. It is so great to create a piece that is unique and tells a personal story on his canvas. He has great subtle suggestions based on the purpose and his experience. Listen to him. But best get in the queue. Don’t wait. You won’t be sorry. I’m in the States and deliver is rather quick and zero issues. This latest piece is for a very special event to me and I can’t wait to give the gift.

Dave, 23 September, 2022

Safe to say that your lovely pitcher I ordered arrived safely a couple of weeks ago and I am thrilled with it – I am sure my husband will be too. Its really super and a lot of fun. Many, many thanks.

Lucy, 14 September, 2022


This is an incredible piece of pottery art. Thank you Simon, I’m over the moon. This piece shows exactly the happiness and joy of our two young German Shepherds. I have to smile when I look at it. Each time.

Stephanie, 15 January, 2022

Hi Simon,
I just wanted to say a belated thank you for the jug. I wanted to wait until I had given it to my husband before messaging you. David loved it! It is beautiful. You managed to encompass everything I wanted and more besides. Thank you so much. My 3 children and my grandson also love it and I can see it will become a fought over heirloom!

Christine, 5 January, 2022


Received today and its beyond perfect, even better than I’d dared hoped. The perfect resting spot for my beautiful girl. It evens fits on the shelf which I hadn’t realised! Perfect.

Thank you for making something so beautiful for me during this utterly shitty time. It helps.

Carol, 12 January, 2022


Hi! Just picked up the package and it’s absolutely beautiful! It’s perfect I’m so excited!! Thank you so much for your hard work on this I couldn’t be happier!! 🙂
I reached out to Simon with a personalized request. He drew up a few sketches and he created exactly what I wanted. Simon worked fast and he is extremely talented and creative. He added such amazing detail and brought an idea I had in my head to life. I am beyond happy.

Ashley, 23 August, 2021

I am still in shock of this beautiful jug I got for my birthday. I’ve never received a piece of pottery so beautiful and I will treasure it forever. Thank you SO much.

Rae on 7 July, 2021

Couldn’t have been more thrilled! From a couple of photos Simon caught perfectly the personality of my daughter’s dog (an Australian Kelpie). I’m not posting a picture as I haven’t handed it over yet – it’s a birthday gift for my daughter’s partner – I’ve shown it to friends and they were bowled over. Can’t recommend enough.

Sue on 24 June, 2021


I am thrilled with it. Thank you so much for all your hard work.
As far as I am concerned, it was worth it – super!

Debs on 1 July, 2021

We sadly lost our beloved dog recently, and wanted to find a beautiful urn to keep his ashes in. I looked around for a while, but struggled to find something that didn’t feel dated, nor impersonal. Then I came across Simon’s beautiful work, and send him a message. He suggested making a custom urn, and was very friendly, and helpful. He asked me about our dog, and kept me updated on the process. Simon made the most beautiful urn, he somehow managed to capture the spirit of our dog, and the life we shared together. I can’t imagine a more perfect place to keep our beloved dog’s ashes. If you’re looking for a special piece to honour a loved one, or even just a beautiful piece of art, I would highly recommend Simon Olley.

Softfeet on 25 May, 2021

Hi Simon,

Just wanted to say my Mum was absolutely thrilled with her gifts. We were so impressed with both jug and mug – they exceeded expectations. I’ll leave a review on your Etsy page. Thank you once again!

Caradog on 18 May, 2021


Thank you so much for the beautiful keeshound jug – my granny is delighted!
She loves all the details especially the puppies running. Love all the stunning artwork & how well you captured the fluff balls. And she was so impressed with how well wrapped up it was! Thanks a million.

Karin on 23 April, 2021


The parcel has arrived, so I had a peak at the lid before squirrelling away until the 30th April and it looks perfect. I am so pleased and I’m sure Richard will love it. I’ll try to catch him opening it for you. Thanks again for taking so much trouble.

Wendy on 20 April, 2021


This is absolutely lovely as was my custom item from OlleyPottery. It arrived within a week of ordering and I can’t wait to give it as a gift.

Hannah on 11 Jan, 2021


A wonderful gift from friends, perfectly executed and including our whole menagerie of furry family. Simon was keen to get it exactly right from the start and asked for more photos of the animals from other angles to ensure it was recognisably them. Couldn’t be happier! Thank you!

Rebecca on 07 Jan, 2021


This is one of the most beautiful things I have ordered on Etsy. Simon was unbelievably helpful during the process, talking through the options for customisation, and he had it made and posted it to us super fast so it arrived in time for Christmas. My sister and her partner were blown away by the gift, she was in tears she was so happy with it. I will absolutely be buying another again, this time for myself! Thank you so much Simon!

Mary on 03 Jan 2021

Hi Simon,

Thanks so much for dropping off our wonderful jug today. We are absolutely delighted with our perfect pottery, you have got all the menagerie in and we absolutely love it! The fish mugs (also) went down a storm with my brother-in-law in Scotland, too, thanks. And your packing kept them safe too despite them being returned to the post office and having to be re-delivered. Hope you have a great New Year with lots of lovely dog walks and that 2021 is happier, healthier and free-er. 

Best wishes, Becky 2//01/21

Hi Simon,

Happy New Year! Here’s to a much better 2021!

Thank you so much for lovely pieces! I was able to send them over to family & they absolutely love them! Looking forward to sending you an update of my aunt posing with her jug in front of Ailsa Craig – if I can ever travel again!!!!! 

She was nearly crying & kept saying how wonderful it was (phew didn’t get the dead cats name mixed up with current Cat!!! The elusive Moonstone!). My mum & dad absolutely love their jug too- my dad has proudly displayed it in lit up glass cabinet & my sister loved the buggy reference & mum loved Highland cows!

I sent some pictures to my best friend that I took before I wrapped them for Christmas. She loved them too- (especially dogs in buggy heading to the beach). I’m also thinking I’d like to order another piece for my grandmother but need to dig out reference pictures.

Thanks a million – you made Christmas!!!

Kind Regards, Karin

I am just over the moon with the vase you did for Tor.  Just as I planned. Thank you so so much!  I know she will be absolutely thrilled with it as she loves individual pieces of artwork. She herself is a bit of an artist doing pen and ink drawings of people’s homes, schools,  wedding venues etc.  latterly venturing into bespoke wedding flowers.  On setting up her business her husband suggested instead of calling it Portraits she call it Tortraits, which I thought was a very clever idea!!!! With every good wish for the future and Christmas.  I have told quite a few of my doggy friends about you.

Kindest regards, Susan 18/11/20


Perfect! What a treasure down to the very last detail. Great job Olley Pottery – It was perfect and then some! 

Thank you!

Kim D M on 29 Dec, 2020


Gorgeous mug from Simon. Love the shape and design !

Kim D M on 29 Dec, 2020


Simon did the most lovely custom mug of our Staffordshire Bull Terrier !! Highly recommend!!

Lydia on 14 Dec, 2020


I couldn’t recommend Simon’s shop enough. From the communication to the craft of the jug itself, everything was absolutely amazing…. I was immediately touched by the care and attention he placed for every piece and every customer. I requested a custom piece that was a re-imagining of another past pottery of Simon’s. I sent him a sketch and this beautiful jug was brought to life. Simon kept me updated throughout the process. And the pottery was packaged extremely carefully! If you’re thinking about getting a pre-made piece or a commission, please do it! You’ll be happy that you did; each piece is truly one of a kind that is meant to be treasured for life.

Kim on 11 Dec, 2020


My mug arrived today and I cried. Simon has been able to capture the essence of my 2 truly precious puppies that have crossed the rainbow bridge. I will treasure and enjoy using my mug every day. Can’t thank you enough Simon for your amazing work!

Mandy on 25 Nov, 2020


This vase arrived very quickly and was extremely well packaged. It is a beautiful piece and a fitting tribute to all the black Labradors that I have owned and loved.

Michelle on 20 Nov, 2020


The final personalised jug exceeded my expectations. It’s beautiful and will make a very special gift. The communication and updates regarding the order process and design was really appreciated. Well packaged. Definitely recommend


Hello Simon

Just to let you know that Hurley has arrived and he (and Meg!) is gorgeous! My friend is going to love it. Thank you so much! You’ve really captured the two of them, and all the little extras, the oak trees, rowing, lighthouse, Exmoor – it’s totally fantastic. It will be given to her for Christmas and I’ll let you know her reaction too.

Best wishes, Liz 


Hello Simon 

I just want to thank you for our lovely order. ITS PERFECT I can’t wait to see my mother in laws face on Christmas morning. Thanks again for all your hard work. Very much appreciated 

Best wishes, Emma

Simon –

Quick note to say the dish has arrived – expertly packed- in one piece ! The work is stunning, the likeness of the dogs, especially in the image of them laying down is marvelous. Job well done and thank you so much !!

Happy Christmas, KB


Simon, We received our “treasure” today! It is intact, it is lovely and you (as they say in America), Hit it out of the park! We can’t thank you enough for all the details and the excellent work! We are so excited… Christmas won’t get here soon enough. Thank you for creating art that is truly a treasure for the eye and the heart.

Best! Laura


Hi Simon,

The jug arrived this morning. Its stunning. I’m so pleased with it. It will make a very special gift. Thank you, really appreciate your skill.

Kind regards, Michelle, Wimborne


I just wanted to let you know that I received the mug and it is absolutely amazing!!! My daughter is going to love it. Thank you so much. 



Hi Simon,

I have received the mug, I absolutely love it and I know my Dad will be delighted with it. It is even more lovely than I could have hoped for, thank you so much


Got them today! They’re beautiful!!! Love them so much 🙂

Best, Anne


Hi it’s Madi (who ordered the 5 dog mug masterpiece), just wanted to shoot you an email saying I received the mug and lovely letters. My mom broke down in tears when she got it and said it was one of her most favorite gifts she’s ever been given. She loves everything about it and wanted me to let you know that your hard work was very much appreciated. Enjoy the new year, and thanks again. 


Hi Simon, l hope you all had a good Christmas! A quick note to say when the mug finally arrived it was received with such surprise and absolute delight from Sue (and, indeed, her family). It was well worth the wait. Thanks again for producing such a lovely piece of work and for the massive help following the delivery up. Look forward to seeing you soon too.

Happy New Year! Paul & Gail x


The mug arrived. I LOVE it! It’s so beautiful! My husband will also love it- will be a Christmas present. Though I think we might have to “share” it 🙂 I really admire your work. I will leave a review once etsy allows. Thanks SO much! ~ Trish


It’s been here a while but I’ve just got in from Italy and opened it now. It’s beautiful. Thank you so much. I really can’t wait to give it to her. xa


It was delivered today in perfect condition! I’m amazed at how quickly it made it here. It takes things longer to get to Alaska from the lower 48 states most of the time! 



Hello Simon,

I just received my beautiful mug this morning, and I love everything about it. It is the perfect size, weight, and design. To answer your question, no, I did not have to pay any customs/duties, or any other cost to the postman or anyone else. My package was hand-delivered to my door by the postman. He did require a signature, as receipt of the package, but I had no additional costs/fees, and the mug arrived in pristine condition.


Linda, Michigan USA


This was the BEST Christmas present. I absolutely love it. Thank you Simon!

erinriedel12 on 24 Dec, 2019


I am in love with the finished product. It is an absolute soulful beauty. Olleypottery was so attentive… I cannot wait to gift this and perhaps someday purchase one for myself.

SomeonesBlood on 23 Nov, 2019


I love them ! So beautiful and my sister will love hers as well.

Anna Mac on 22 Nov, 2019


Exactly as pictured! In love. Bought this as a Christmas gift! I can hardly wait to give it to them!

D DiCicco on 07 Nov, 2019


I ordered this custom jug in memory of our Sophia. I was blown away. The jug is beautiful in every way. Highly recommend a custom order or any of Simon’s work. He was easy to work with, communicative and created a beautiful piece of art for us to cherish.

David on 11 Sep, 2019


Lovely hand made item, and a perfect gift. Fabulously packed to ensure safe arrival. Many thanks.

aziscomoose on 02 Jul, 2019


This is a PERFECT memorial to all the labs I have had in my life. The back states: “Every dog has his own tale to tell”. The artist obviously has an affinity with canines & is able to express this through the gorgeous imagery gracing his work. Every element on this pitcher conveys so much personality! The craftsmanship is TOP-quality. This will become one of those heirlooms to pass on to future dog-lovers in our family. THANKS SO MUCH!

Christina on 25 Feb, 2019


This mug is absolutely beautiful. Bought for a friend who recently lost their black lab and the loved it. The design is perfect and delivery was fast, and the mug arrived in perfect condition!

MyIvoryMoon on 26 Dec, 2018


Absolutely beautiful pottery! Exceeded my expectations in every way. Shipping to the US was very quick. A wonderful seller that I will definitely purchase from again! Thank you so much.

Susie G on 15 Nov, 2018


I LOVE black labs and I LOVE this mug! It is so beautiful and I can totally tell that a lot of love and care went into it. Thank you so much!